Ending period poverty in Ireland

Natural Hygiene Period Poverty Feature

We’re addressing period poverty in Ireland.

Natural Hygiene are working with educational institutes across Ireland and have created the best solution possible for providing free sanitary products to young girls in schools and colleges nationwide.

We have developed free-vending dispensers which will be used to offer free sanitary products to young girls.

We’re confident that coin free-vending machines, are the most convenient and accessible way of “stamping out” period poverty.

More than 61% of teenage girls have missed school or college because of their period.

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Coin Free – Sanitary Free

Coin free vending, We’re the helping hand in addressing the issue of period poverty

Natural Hygiene Feminine Vending Machine Front
Period poverty is a serious issue that’s affecting young girls today in Ireland. Unfortunately, it’s on the increase.

Natural Hygiene has introduced coin free vending, which will dispense free sanitary products in schools nationwide. This will help to combat some of the anxiety and embarrassment young girls feel every month.

Some Key Features:

  • ‘Feminine Hygiene Coin Free’ vending for schools who can now offer a discreet, complimentary hygiene service.
  • One of the most compact vending machine designs on the market
  • Dual column vending dispenses two stock lines of leading branded feminine hygiene products.
Lil-lets Left Side

Leading Brands

Leading Brands

No coins are required to operate the vending machine

Always Right Side

Two per pack

Each vend contains 24 packs of Lil-lets tampons and 24 packs of Always ultra-towels.

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Period poverty is a serious issue that is affecting many young girls across towns and cities in Ireland, and unfortunately, it’s on the increase.

Natural Hygiene have introduced a “coin free vending machine” for schools nationwide. We aim to help alleviate some of the anxiety, embarrassment and stigma that young women feel every month when faced with having to purchase sanitary products they may not be able to afford.

Our mission at Natural Hygiene is to address the issue of period poverty. We offer a solution for schools across Ireland to provide a discreet, free and convenient sanitary service to young girls.

We believe every young girl should have access to free sanitary products – they are a necessity, not a luxury.

We are here to make a difference