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Natural Hygiene Acrylic Hand Hygiene Plaques

Acrylic Hand Hygiene Plaques

At Natural Hygiene we take a very specific approach to what we do and changing behaviours isn’t easy, creating sustained behaviour takes constant reinforcement so this level of constant communication is going to be a vital for continuous “Duty of Care” for your employees and your customers.

We have created a fantastic product for your washroom facilities, it has been created in a way that its like a new piece of furniture for your premises and not just a piece of paper stuck on a wall in your washroom facilities.

Natural Hygiene Acrylic Hygiene Plaques

Product Specification

Full colour, vinyl printed on clear vinyl in reverse backed with white, mounted on an A4 10mm clear acrylic plaque with drill holes in corners and standard stainless steel fittings.

(We have allowed for each plaque to be personalised with your company name)

If your employees and customers are constantly reminded of what has happened in the last number of months and they feel part of the cultural change in society as well as in the workplace then behavioural change and better wellbeing leads to better performance.

This is the start for you as a company using necessary engaging communications with your employees and customers

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