UV Glow Box Kit

Natural Hygiene UV Glow Box Kit

UV Glow Box and 4 x UV Glow Lotion (200 ml) to teach best practise handwashing technique. Operated via a motion sensor on/off switch. Includes carry bag.

Demonstrated the importance of good hand hygiene to reduce cross-contamination to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Coronavirus.

Ideal for inspection of small parts and components or in combination with UV Glow Lotion to help teach best practise hand washing technique.

Product Features

  • High UVA output at 365 nm

  • Produces bright fluorescent effects

  • Motion sensor on/off switch

  • Contains 3 x UVA long life LEDs

  • Includes power supply

Supplied individually for general inspection applications or as part of a UV Glow Box Kit for hand hygiene training.


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