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The Challenge

A secondary school in Dublin was looking to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, it has now enhanced its washroom facilities with the help of Irelands newest washroom specialists, Natural Hygiene. With cost-savings a priority at the school, they approached Natural Hygiene for cost-effective washroom solutions that didn’t compromise their hygiene services.
Natural Hygiene Water Management
At Natural Hygiene we understand that schools are faced with strict budgets which is why we work closely with each of our customers to provide the most cost-effective solutions to suit their specific needs Natural Hygiene was also able to improve the washroom facilities at the school with their comprehensive range of hygiene services including its Feminine Hygiene units, Air Fragrance dispensers, Vending machines and Floor mats.

The Impact

As part of Natural Hygiene’s complete washroom service, we provide a comprehensive range of water management and energy efficient products ensuring extensive cost savings to our clients which will allow for extended washroom services.
Our water management systems will guarantee 90% water savings.

Easily and quickly installed by our service team, the SAVERTAP converts your existing twist-on taps to a WRAS approved push on option.


Saves over 90% water compared to an ‘A’ rated volumizer. Fit and maintain as part of a service agreement. Will dramatically increases the ratio of surface area to volume, changing the structure of the water. Fits onto almost all modern taps.
Reduces flow from an average of 6-10 litres per minute down to 1.7 litres per minute.


Customised flush times set to your washroom requirements. Saves up to 90% of water.
Product is installed and maintained by one of our service team.
Intelligent infra-red technology allows maximum control over the device to adapt to your business needs

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The Solution

With representatives located in every region across Ireland, a local Natural Hygiene specialist was able to carry out a thorough consultation to determine the products most suitable for the school.
To help reduce water consumption and cut costs, Natural Hygiene supplied its Water Management System that uses innovative technology to prevent unnecessary flushing and ensure instant savings on your water in, water out rates with local county councils nationwide(figures vary from council to council). An infrared sensor within the water management unit is able to detect activity and adjusts flushes during high and low usage periods, saving up to 90% of urinal flush water.
Natural Hygiene Conserve Energy Save Money
Natural Hygiene also provided its unique Flow saver TAP / CAP 1.7L/min – a new era in hand washing Water is essential for life and the demand for it is unprecedented. Every day in the Ireland , there’s over 4 million hand washes outside the home in businesses. Natural Hygiene have a device for delivering just the right amount of water, with no waste. Natural Hygiene Flow saver TAP / CAP is an insert that fits onto almost all modern taps and where fitted will save up to 70% of the water used from that tap. Though a simple and quick process, Natural Hygiene will install this onto both hot and cold-water supplies. It is a patented technology that increases the surface area of the water, changing its structure. Although the tap is using less water the feeling on the hands is the opposite. The busier the location, the greater the savings!

EcoMat uses environmentally-friendly Nurazyme bio block technology to reduce any unpleasant smells which can be caused by a build-up of uric salts in the pipework. Available to use in any standard urinal or trough, the EcoMat also prevents chewing gum, paper or any other items entering the pipework. Urinals can often develop unpleasant odours, at Natural Hygiene we understand, that is why we developed our unique EcoMat system to transform urinals into fresher and cleaner environments for everyone who uses them. They are a money saving solution for your male washrooms, it reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. Has a positive impact on the environment by requiring less water to maintain hygiene levels, makes chemical cleaning products (and the cost incurred) redundant.

The Benefit

As a result of Natural Hygiene products and services have improved energy efficiency, reduced unnecessary water usage and significantly reduced expenditure.

Natural Hygiene helps organisations in Ireland to meet their duty of care obligations and provide fully- serviced, hygienic washrooms to meet the needs of their visitors and staff.

Located across Ireland, Natural Hygiene is always on hand, wherever you are. Using the latest technology and environmentally- friendly equipment, products ensure maximum efficiency and energy saving. Products range from soap dispensers, air fresheners and hand sanitisers, to toilet paper dispensers and sanitary disposal units, Floor mats Eco range of consumable paper as well as energy-saving hand dryers and water management system.

Natural Hygiene Cost Effective Savings
Our water management control system can save up to 90% (with an average of 70%) of water when compared to an uncontrolled cistern and up to 30% against an “unintelligent” system (dependent
upon urinal usage).

The Reaction

The focus for us was to reduce the amount we were spending on our washroom services without jeopardising hygiene. With the help of Natural Hygiene we were able to introduce several energy-saving/water-saving, cost-effective products as well as create a cleaner, more pleasant environment within our washrooms with hygienic waste disposal bins and a reliable waste collection service.

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